Medical Microneedeling

sterilised needle head and device is used to make microscopic channels in the skin. The body's natural reaction is to over produce collagen and elastin to fill the channels. In return the process plumps out fine lines and wrinkles and thickens the skin. It is also great for acne scarring.

Microneedeling Facial - 60min - R1100.00 (face, neck, chest, hands)

cleanse . numbing cream . shoulder massage . serum . needling . serum . moisturiser (SPF)

Microneedeling Facial - 60min - R950.00 (face & neck)


A specialised machine with a diamond tip attachment and suction system is used to gently buff away dead skin and at the same time improve the lymph drainage and blood circulation. Collagen production is increased. deep cleansing, anti-aging and decongesting

 Deluxe Microdermabration Facial - 60min - R550.00

cleanse . steam . Microderm (face, neck,chest,hands) . peel (face, neck, chest) . extractions . massage . mask . serum . moisturise (SPF)

 Classic Microdermabration Facial - 60min - R450.00

(no additional exfoliation or peel )

Carbon Laser Peel/Hollywood Peel

A carbon mask is applied to the face, neck and chest. The mask absorbs all the impurities and dead skin cells on the skin as well as pulling all the toxins out of the skin. A q-switch laser is used to heat the skin and gently snap the carbon mask off.The mask takes all the impurities and dead skin with it.

Great for acne and congested skin. Brightens dull looking skin, stimulates collagen production and blood circulation. A Detox for the skin. 

 Carbon Laser Peel - 60min - R750.00

cleanse . carbon mask (face, neck,chest) . massage (neck, shoulders) . Laser . mask . serum . moisturise (SPF)

 IPL (intense pulse light)

The light penetrates the skin's deeper layers and stimulates new cell formation deep down. Because of the stimulation and regeneration of new cells the damaged cells are pushed to the surface much quicker. This treatment is customised to specific concerns including. pigmentationrosacea and sun damage.

 Deluxe IPL Facial - 60min - R850.00

cleanse . peel . IPL (face,neck,chest) . massage . mask . serum . moisturise (SPF)

 Classic IPL Facial - 60min - R650.00

cleanse . exfoliation . IPL (face, neck,chest) . massage . mask . serum . moisturise (SPF)


Dermaplaning is a manual form of exfoliation that removes

dead skin, trapped dirt and oil and also facial hair. It promotes better product absorption, boosting the effects of skincare products and makes the skin look and feel smoother. It promotes collagen production.

 Deluxe Dermaplaning Facial - 60min - R550.00

includes Peel.

 Classic Dermaplaning Facial - 60min - R450.00

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